Show Your Support

What do you choose to do instead of drinking?

"To keep my life in balance: I choose to be alcohol and drug free." -Ron DePerry, Red Cliff Reservation"I choose to live one day at a time." - Sandy, Ashland"I choose to support my friends in recovery!" - Liz, Washburn"I choose to support people in recovery." -Val, Ashland, WI"I choose to walk & read." -Dianne H., Washburn"I choose to promote alternative activities to alcohol and drug use in our community." -Pete, Bayfield County Health Department"I choose to support our recovery community." -Pam H., Ashland"I choose fun - without drinks!" -Carrie, Washburn"I choose to help others stay sober one day at a time." -Dan, WashburnI choose freedomFaithI choose recovery. Live life being happy, joyous and free!I choose to feel the fear and press on!"I choose to promote wellness." Cyndi Z."I choose to walk life in a good way - free of alcohol and drugs and filled with love and service to others." Joe"I choose to support those in recovery." Liz"I choose not to drink during pregnancy and to support other pregnant women not to drink during pregnancy as well." Sara"I choose to promote healthy choices." Terri