About One Less Day

One Less Day is the current Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for Ashland County Health & Human Services, Bayfield County Public Health Department and Memorial Medical Center.

Local health departments are required by Wisconsin State Statute 251.05 to complete a CHIP every five years. Health departments are required to regularly and systematically collect, assemble, analyze, and make available information on the health of the community. This includes statistics on health status, community health needs, and epidemiological and other studies of health problems. Health departments are also required to develop public health policies and procedures for the community; they are to involve key policymakers and the general public in determining and developing a community health improvement plan.

Local health departments in Wisconsin have been required to develop and implement local health plans since 1993. Historically, Ashland and Bayfield Counties have completed their CHIPs together.

As of March 23, 2012, not-for-profit hospital organizations are required under the Affordable Care Act to conduct a community health needs assessment at least once every three years. The purpose of this requirement is both to ensure that non-profit hospitals are addressing the needs of their community, as well as to document that they are fulfilling their tax-exempt purpose.

MMC has formed a partnership with Ashland County and Bayfield County in order to create the 2013-2015 Ashland and Bayfield Counties CHIP.

About One Less DayDuring the course of 2012, Ashland County Health & Human Services Department, Bayfield County Health Department and Memorial Medical Center embarked on a collaborative effort to assess and prioritize the health needs of the region, and in turn, create an action plan to create real and sustaining change within the communities we serve.

To read the full plan and learn more about what was discovered about the health of our communities, please download our plan here (PDF).

Since releasing this document in late 2012, a group of concerned citizens, providers and recovery agencies have been working together to identify problems and work towards solutions to addressing alcohol abuse in Ashland and Bayfield Counties.

The group is currently working on 3 goals:

  • Create a treatment resource guide
  • Increase alcohol prevention and education programs within Ashland and Bayfield counties
  • Have an option for sober activities and places of recreation in each community in Ashland and Bayfield counties

If you are interested in learning more about the process or becoming involved, please contact Beth Probst at bprobst@ashlandmmc.com.